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Not all data are created equal. Within any individual or organization, there will be numerous levels of data. It can range from a data which can be exposed to the public to a data that should be remain hidden to protect the privacy. Choosing the best data destruction method depends on what nice of data and how efficiently you desire it removed.

List of Data Impact Levels

Impact levels determine how a data is a threat or a risk to an individual or organization. Here, is a list of data impact levels based on the category. There are 6 impact levels, impact level 0 is where the loss of data does not have complete effect upon the presidency and where impact level 6 has a greater risk to an supervision which could guide to loss of life, failure of the organization, or cause of the downfall.

IT asset disposition

0 - Data is already in a public domain, for example, website public records.

1 - opinion more or less employees that are not in a public domain.

2 - General opinion not quite the company not publicly available.

3 - Payroll, customer information, and sales.

4 - Customer and tab card details.

5 - Senior dealing out remuneration, and cash flow forecasts.

6 - Bank login information, strategic and flotation plans.

Some organizations resign yourself to that each data should be treated as high priority. It can be a practical method but, there are time when you obsession to determine what data needs invade importance to either save keep in data destruction costs or to focus more on a dangerous data to guard accurately.